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For the first time in Athens and Thessaloniki our escort agency brings you the opportunity to meet some hot men escorts.

Men pay for sex. Women pay for companionship. It’s the way the woman’s brain and her psychology works. Of course there are some alternate examples too. Some women after a certain age, or if they’re married for a long time, have a great desire for hard sex.

Every woman that wants sex can just show herself in a bar and can get what she wants for free. So why should she pay? Cause women, in difference to men, are looking for a male escort just for companionship.

It doesn’t matter if the young man with you is an escort, he’s going to turn you on like it was your first date, he’ll be taking care of you and use sweet talking without criticizing. This is a dream situation for most women. It also helps if this guy is handsome too.

A lot of women want to talk and need an ear to listen to them. Someone who can tell all their secrets, their fears, their insecurities. They need a man to hug them and feel safe. He could be a male escort.

This is too hard to find in most relationships.

It’s like therapy and lots of women end up visiting a psychologist and medicines to cut them of only when they find the right lover.


Escort agency – Men escorts – Athens & Thessaloniki

The services our men escorts can offer you are a lot and they’re not only about sex. You can go out for a drink or dinner, have a professional date for prestige or chill out in the sauna, the jacuzzi or maybe just a cup of coffee. You can even talk to them or go out shopping.


The services you can get from our men escorts are:

Extremely pleasurable massage

The ability to provide pleasure to women or men who like being adventurous

Sex in every position and every place

Free oral

69 position

Erotic show

French kissing


Cumming in mouth

Cumming on body

Submissive sex


Escort for a drink, dinner or trip

Outcall services

Anal sex

Golden showers



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