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Lolita is 21 years old and comes for the lovely Ukraine. She has brown eyes, brown hair and the body of Goddess. One of the most beautiful escort girls you'll ever find, with the greatest pair of breasts you've ever seen! She speaks fluent English and Greek and she can't wait to get to work!

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Marina is 24 and she's coming for cold Russia. Her body will make your jaw drop, but that's just nothing compared to the things she's can do... Her deep blue eyes will get you dizzy and her great analogies will make your heart skip a beat! She speaks English and Greek.

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Romela is a blond angel that comes from the beautiful Romania. She's 23 years old, with a perfect body, brown eyes and golden hair. She came to Greece for work because she wants to do what she loves the most in the land of sunshine. She speaks great English and Greek and she's excited to meet you!

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Nansi comes from Russia too. She's 20 and she's gorgeous! Her thin body will make you lose your mind and her beautiful face will make you lose your words. She is one of our TOP escort girls and we're sure you'll find out why! Beautiful brown eyes and brown hair, she's right here for you waiting to get to know you! She speaks English and Greek.

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